Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Few Things About Myself

Since I have all this extra time on my hands I thought I would share some things about myself.
  1. I am 31 years old and I have two girls that will soon be 4 and 2.
  2. I would choose a beach over mountains any day.
  3. grew up in a major metropolitan area that had more people than the state I currently live in. 
  4. I love to read because there is a new world under each cover.
  5. I am very optimistic.
  6. I am short.
  7. I am a runner. I need my runs because they keep me sane and calm. I started running a year ago and I have ran in three 5k's, one 10k, and one half marathon since then.
  8. I love yoga although I'm not very good at it, yet.
  9. I can do a tripod headstand, a forearm headstand, and I'm currently working on a forearm stand.
  10. Yes, I am bragging. Wouldn't you?
  11. I loathe drains and hair in drains. Ewww, yuck, gross! Excuse me for a moment while I wash my hands.
  12. I was with my husband (I'm going to call him Mr. S from now on) for eight years before we were married.
  13. Three months before we we married I found out I was pregnant. FYI being three months pregnant on your wedding day is not cool.
  14. I would rather drive a thousand miles than fly a thousand miles; I have done both many times.
  15. I consider myself a classic rock kind of girl however, lately I have been in more mellow. Pandora stations include The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, 90's Alternative, Jack Johnson, A Fine Frenzy, Michael Dulin (I don't know how I came across this guy but this station really relaxes me), Johnny Cash, and Eminem to name a few.
  16. Alexander Skarsgard...  Need I say more?
  17. Yes, I need to say more. YUMMY!
  18. The first thing that drew Mr. S to me was my smile. I'm sure my breasts were a close second.
  19. I loved Elvis as a young child (started around five years old).
  20. I love, I mean really love, chocolate.
Hope you enjoyed. 


  1. Thanks for sharing some of yourself with us. I have to totally agree with #4, #11 and #14!!

    Subrina <3

    1. It was fun to think of things! Thanks for reading.

  2. We are complete opposites lol... Have you ever really been to true beautiful mountain ranges... Not a fan of sweets.. Much rather fly then drive. However, love reading and I wish I had more time for yoga... And a marathon although I'm not in that great of shape(trying to get there for my husbands sake). Also love eminem's older stuff some newer. It's nice to find someone going through the same things though... Sometimes I feel so isolated, and unsure of how things will work out.... Love ya tons already!

    1. I have seen some breathtaking mountains, I love the quite and I see the beauty. I love the ocean more; I love the smell, the sound, the heat, the vastness, and as long as the sand isn't too hot I love it too. People always seem so happy and it rubs off on me. There's a whole other world down there that interests me and frightens me. I could really go on and on :) but you get my point.
      Please don't feel isolated! You are more than welcome to email me anytime, although I don't know if I would be any help, lol, but I'm someone to talk to. I'm trying very hard to keep my thoughts on now and not on what will be, it makes things a little easier. Stay in touch!

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. I agree with #11 - yuk. Three of us girls in the house and there is always hairs trapped in the plug holes.
    I love chocolate - it is my big weakness, but I've managed to avoiding eating it for three months now!

    1. Hold up, three MONTHS?! Or did you mean three days? LOL! You have some strong will power! I try not to buy it often so I probably have it once or twice a week.

  4. Always love learning more about a blogging friend. You mean not everyone considers chocolate a food group??
    hugs abby

    1. I wish it was a 'major' food group!

  5. Its nice to know more about you, i love these little bits of peeks into peoples lives..yes im a nosy cow

    and i am so with you on Alexander whatsitssurname...he can dominate me anytime! lol


    1. LOL! It is possible that I would fall to my knees if I saw him in person.

  6. Love this!! I love learning a little more about blogger friends. :)
    Thanks for sharing this!!

  7. I enjoyed reading this post. I am a runner as well.


    1. Glad you stopped by! It's always nice to find a fellow runner.


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