Sunday, August 25, 2013

He knows about my blog

Thought I would do a very quick post to let you guys know that I told him about my blog. The only thing he is worried about it taking up too much time so I'm going to have to be careful. I don't know if he wants to read it or not but I'm sure I will find out soon.

I wrote a post this morning and was saving it for when I told him about this blog, guess I don't have to wait :). Yay! 


  1. Misty,
    First, I'm glad that you're still here! Second, I'm glad you told him about the blog and like I said before....I think it will help you guys if he reads it. He will always know what you're thinking and feeling, It will definitely open up the lines of communication. I'm excited for you!

    Oh and Welcome Hubby!! (sorry I don't know his name)


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