Friday, October 4, 2013

Help Me Out!!

With birthdays and the holidays coming up we are in the market for some spanking implements, restraints, and fun things of the like.

What websites have you found that have good quality things? (We do not have stores around these parts.)
Do you have any advice for me so that I don't waste money on cheap things?
What about gags? I really don't want to get one but Mr. S has brought it up a few times so I guess I should ask about them too; there's so many styles and don't know a good place to start.
What is your favorite spanking implement? Where did you get it?
I came across a crop that had a glass handle that could also be used as a dildo, has anyone ever used one of these? 
What is your favorite restraint(s)?

Bombard me with any information you think would be helpful, no matter how insignificant you might think! Feel free to email me, comment, or even do a post, just don't leave me hangin' :)

Thanks in advance!


  1. Never had experience with that particular kind of crop, but the crop is my favorite spanking implement--got it at a feed and tack store.

    I think that when it comes to buying toys, it's best to go with quality over quantity--if getting the good quality restraints means cutting out something else, do it--totally worth it in the long run. I like leather cuffs for restraint, can't remember where ours came from.

    I love love love stainless steel Seriously, it's awesome. Anal hook and enjoy butt plug are at the top of my list currently.

    Gags...we don't actually have a "real" one, but I would make sure that you buy with your physical limitations in mind. For example I have problems with my jaw, so anything that keeps my mouth open too wide for too long has horrible lasting effects lol.

    Master's piece has a list of outlets for interesting toys:

    And never buy toys just because they're pretty (if you plan on hard use). Sturdy is better than pretty, and when it comes to restraints, if you're going to be in them for a while, I recommend good ones with some kind of padding.
    Of course, I am a pillow princess, and comfort is, I have been told, far to high up on my list of importance. Lol.

    Good luck!
    If I think of anything else, I'll be back lol

    1. This is some great information, thanks lil! I've seen stainless steel toys but I never knew if they would be worth the money.

  2. Lil pretty much sums it up with important, being as im in the uk we tend to only order from uk sites so im not going to be much use in that department lol.

    Its really personal preference, which i apprecitate its hard to know what one will enjoy until they try it, for gags i prefer the 'bit' style ones rather than ball gags.

    Restraints im with lil on, definitley leather and padded.

    Implements...well for me its canes which are reasonably priced, riding crop best bet to use a equestrian site..kink sites tend to bump the prices up!

    OOh yes the anal hook like lil mentioned....yes thats a great 'tool' to have..well if you like anal play lol


    1. I was thinking I would like the bit ones a little more, but so not looking forward to using it, at all.

      The hook sounds like fun but I don't think I'm there yet; Mr. S would love it, I'm quite sure.

  3. Out most recent purchase were floggers. Don't know if that interests you but I found a great website. Their products are really nicely made.

    1. Just checked out the website! Thanks! Their stuff does look really nice.

  4. I would recommend one of Conina's floggers... they are soft and effective too!
    We also have a Lelo Tiana vibe with a remote control which doubles up as a massager and he can control the speed and intensity. Plus it has a his and hers part. It is expensive, but worth it!

    1. Oh, this shopping trip is going to be fun! Thanks!

  5. Just bought flogger and quiet from Adam and Gillian on Long Island. Love their hand made items.

    Bought restraints from Purple Passion in NYC.
    Google them

    1. Thank you!!! And until you commented here I had forgotten all about the Wartenburg pinwheel you talked about awhile ago!

  6. well we started out with cheep, cheerful and functional silicon and rubber for dildos and plugs and things, mostly from Bondera which is online so easy and discrete to use. Now we know more what we like, I'm thinking more of investing in some nice glass and steel.

    As for spanking implements, most of ours are re purposed items - cookery silicon spatulars, wooden spoons, wooden hairbrushes, a belt...

    I'd also highly recommend Conina's vegan floggers she sells in her Beautiful Sensations shop on Etsy. they are gorgeous to behold and to use!

    1. Thank you! I checked out the floggers and they do look like fun :)


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