Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Walls, Walls, Who's Got Walls?

The mind can empower us to do the inconceivable and it can hinder us from doing the simple. If the mind was aloud to roam freely, without distractions from outside forces (religion, beliefs, influences, and such) there would be... could be... well, there's not enough time and space to say all that would be, the possibilities would be endless. 

What would the world be if we didn't let influences dictate the way we think and what we do?

Would there be judgement on colors of skin, religions, or sexual preference? Can we not read minds because someone along the way said it wasn't possible and everyone agreed?

Think about it. Not long ago I would have laughed at you if you told me that we would be able to carry around phones not much bigger than a credit card (not huge boxes that we carry in bags, lol, those were so cool) that could take videos and send mail thousands of miles in a matter of seconds. Now it is a way of life and something we can not live without because someone believed it was possible (okay maybe a lot of someones, but the point is the same). 

It's all a mindset. It is amazing what one can accomplish with the right mindset. 

I've been thinking a lot about how these influences have effected me and I wonder how they have held me back and how I have held myself back just the same.

I'm sure this is just another part of the process for me. 

I've always faught my perverted thoughts because I believed that they were wrong, religion taught me that. Something was wrong with me because I couldn't stop the way I thought. It put a wall up and I supported that wall. I hid within myself because of this wall. 

My mom and my grandmother (my dad's mom) told me I should be independent and I should never put faith in a man (just to name a couple rules they live by). I believed them. You know what? My mom has been single for over fifteen years and my grandmother longer than I've been alive. I know they were hurt by men and that is where the heart of their anger is, but they chose to never let it go, it is their mindset they have chosen. Why I chose to listen to them is beyond me but that is another wall that I allowed to be put up. 

It makes me sick to realize these walls have been within me and that there's got to be more; not only the ones related to TTWD. I want them gone! I want to be me, not who everyone says I should be. If there are going to be walls I want to put them up my damn self.

And that is that.


  1. amen! I agree with everything you say.

  2. WOW Misty.....very well said! And I couldn't agree more.

    It's amazing what the power of suggestion can do to a person. Your mom and grandmother sound like my mom. And unfortunately they raise you so you are kind of stuck with their beliefs and ways of thinking. It's not until you get out in the real world and see things for yourself that you start to change that way of thinking. I have made a conscience decision to NOT be like my mom (in more ways than one).

    You chose to listen to them because they are family, they love you, they wouldn't tell you things that aren't true.....right? In my opinion...wrong! Just because they are family and raised you doesn't mean they are right. You dont have to live the way they live or believe the things they believe. When you we're a kid you didn't know any better. Now that you are an adult and have life experiences you can form your own ideas and beliefs.

    Tear down those walls and start from scratch. Build your own walls, from your own beliefs and influences. Isn't it amazing what TTWD/Ds can bring out of you??

    Subrina <3

    1. My mom has definitely given me some good examples of how not to be. I love her and she has a good heart but she can be... frustrating, to put it nicely.

      I am more than eager to tear down these walls!

      It is crazy what it brings out! It makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. I was raised with the same independent philosophy...never rely on a man, get an education, a job, etc. I watched my mom go through two failed marriages and now she had been single for 13 years and guess who she lives with now.

    1. Sorry. Hit reply too early. Yep...she lives with us.

      I put up those same walls years ago but thankfully I realized they don't lead to living a happy life.

    2. In case you can't tell, your writing struck close to a nerve with me:) lol

    3. Oh god. She has talked about moving in with us. I know I couldn't handle it! Seriously, she thinks she's got it all figured out but where is she now? Alone and sad.

      I'm so glad I'm seeing this clearly now!

  4. Very well said! I think everyone has walls. I'm slowly tearing them down. I have a hard time with what is normal and what feels right... Sir and I were discussing this last night. He asked me what normal was? Well what society thinks is normal I said. He didn't much like my reply. I think growing up our parents just wanted what they believed was best for us. I know now to just be who you are. I absolutely loved your post and relate. Lots of love

    1. I'm glad you liked it!

      It is hard to be okay with what 'feels' right vs what I have been told is right.


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