Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I feel like writing. Not much to say.

Master <--this is just silly... but it is still weird to say/type it.

Master, is working out of town this week, again. Him being gone seems much hard now than it was pre-spank. I feel needy. I don't think I like it. No, that's a lie, I know I don't like it.

Gah. I wish I had something to write about.


  1. needy is normal...hoping someone more experienced can weigh in on it, as i would love to know how to cope with that feeling.

  2. That honorific thing will get easier with practice, promise.

    We all feel it.
    Dealing with our other halves being gone is challenging.
    And take a bit to let yourself feel however you feel...needy, whiny, miserable...
    But then there comes a time where you have to cope and get on with life.

    Call a friend.
    Treat yourself.
    Go for a walk, loose yourself in work.
    Think of something nice you can do for him.

    Something will click and the coping with them being gone will get manageable.
    I would caution though...if you just played and he left...could it be drop? If it is, same advice applies but just recognize that it could be a case of subdrop.

    Having them gone away from But just as we feel it, they feel it too (though generally speaking, they aren't as vocal about it) so be mindful of that, too.

    Hang in there. Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much for your advice! My kids thank you too :) I ended up treating myself with a movie and I made my own flour tortillas for the first time (they remind me of my best friend). I feel MUCH better this morning.

      It could have been subdrop...

  3. Needy.....i finally just convinced myself is part of being submissive. Master has me do a special task for Him each day when one of us is away...maybe you do something then text Him about what you did...for Him. Examples could be corner time, wearing my plug, a no panty day....
    hugs abby

    1. Great idea! I have just the thing, and I will do it today :)

  4. I'm sorry Master is away. I hope he comes home soon.

    It's funny that you write about being needy. I was just thinking today that since we started this and the deeper we get I feel more needy. I want to be near him all the time. I want to touch him all the time. I don't want to share him, even with the kids. It's this deep connection that I think we get when we live this kind of lifestyle. I honestly can't get enough.

    I don't envy you but I have a lot of respect for you that you are able to be in a marriage that he has to travel. I couldn't do it. I need that constant. I need to see him, touch him, hug him and kiss him every night. Hang in there....Master will be home soon. If you need to keep yourself busy you can always email me. I love chatting!!!


    1. Traveling has been a more frequent thing these past twoish years and it isn't easy, especially since we have kids. It's not something he enjoys either but you got to do what you got to do :)

      He will be home tomorrow night so I only have one more night without him, yay!

  5. Hey Misty, congratulations on the big font:) It will get easier.

    I'm sorry Master is away and hope the time apart goes quickly. I agree, needy is normal and I like what Abby said about it being part of being submissive. I know I definitely feel needy when apart ... heck, even when we are together!

    Hang in there.


    1. Thanks! Feeling needy isn't easy and admitting to it is even harder.

  6. When your are together, things are more intense, intimate and connected, it's therefore natural you feel more needy in his absence. There are some good suggests from Blueame and Abby.

    1. That makes sense DF! Kind of makes me feel better to understand why it's harder now.

  7. Yep i hate being needy as well, sometimes it just consumes me and i can act out (not a good thing lol) but its ok, he likes it, i think perhaps because he likes the dependencey i have on him...that i do need him.

    Good suggestions above.


    1. Interesting that you say you can act out because I was pretty grumpy yesterday. Damn emotions. My poor kids...

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Joey! He got home yesterday evening and all is right :)


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