Friday, November 15, 2013

It's To the Asylum For Me

Tonight is Friday, if you didn't know that already, which is poker night for Master, and that means I can do what I want. Usually, that means putting some sort of something on my face to keep me looking young, or so I hope, while taking a bath and extra unwanted -not unneeded- sleep. This Friday is no different, except tonight I'm quite uncomfortable leaning over the edge of the bathtub typing.

These past couple of days I've been... upset. My last post is haunting me. I've come to realize that I might not get what I want, which can be a little devastating (can anything be a little devastating?).

I had to write Master, I couldn't keep it in like I intended to do. I also wrote more, much more, than I intended. I said things that might be considered normal in this part of the world but over here, in our house... I'm pretty sure he is going to think that his wife is gone, and a crazy woman has taken over.

If I don't write another post in the next few days it is probably safe to assume that I'm in an asylum for multiple personality disorder. But, even if I am admitted, it was worth it, I feel so much better... and another layer of bricks have been knocked off of my wall.


  1. *hugs* it's good to write and let it all out.

    Don't worry, i just asked BIKSS yesterday if he thought I was mental and weird.. I think they have a better idea of just how crazy we are than we do!

    and knocking off bricks is awesome! *cheers*

  2. Hey Misty, good on you for writing it down and letting it all out. Good on you for chipping at that wall.

    I'm glad writing it has made you feel so much better and don't worry. Our guys quite often seem to know us and and needs/wants better than we do!


    1. Roz, thank you! It wasn't easy to write it down and it was even harder to see it written out... made it more real and less fantasy.

  3. Good for you! Another layer of bricks gone is a great accomplishment....and you will feel 'freer'. I find it much easier to write, than to say aloud.....and after the writing the aloud part seems easier.
    hugs abby

  4. It's amazing how writing helps to knock down walls.
    As for the asylum, you may have to book a place, it's pretty full in here at the moment :)

    1. LOL DF!! I think I may have to take your advice and reserve a room...

  5. I love this post. I am always asking Mr. D if I'm crazy or nuts. He says no but I think he's a little biased. And I agree with need to make a reservation. I think I have some space in my room...just tell 'em Subrina sent you!!!! lol

    Glad that you were able to write out what you were thinking. It really does help when you actually see it on paper. I hope your Master sees the hard work. Layers being removed....its amazing when you can feel safe enough to let go....even if its just a small layer!


    1. Will do! Plan on me being there soon :)

      I think he realizes how hard it was for me, but what gets me is that, for some reason, he hasn't seemed the least bit surprised...


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