Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Does Submission Mean to Me?

It is a question worth asking, don't you think? But where to start and where to end? Aright, whatever, I will just start writing. 

For me, submission is...

Something much more than I am doing now
Obeying, despite my opinion
Watching sports without complaining
More than clamps and vibrators
Being pleasing
Giving up myself, my soul, my body, my-everything
Obeying, despite how I feel
Clamps and vibrators
Being accepted for who I was, who I am, and who I will be
Giving him my breath
Receiving a driving lesson without complaining 
Making his coffee
Being protected 
Being safe
Being His
Obeying, because I should
Wearing thongs because he likes them, not because it is a rule
Being pleasing
Having orgasmic orgasms 
Letting go
Losing myself 
Finding myself
Being pleasing
Obeying, because I have the choice to do so
Doing it his way even if I'm right and he is wrong (FYI I'm always right -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
Doing it his way because his way is the only way, no exceptions
Being vulnerable
Giving up control 
A part of me

But, there's also the fact that I want it to be more. I want it to mean that my needs are his, I want my limits to be his, I want to be able to do anything he asks or wants, but... I'm not there. Will I ever be there? I hope so. Does Master even want me there? Lol. Yes, he probably does.


  1. Hi Misty, what a wonderful list! I especially like "obeying because I have the choice to do so". It's not easy is it, but I doubt if would be as rewarding if it were easy.


    1. Roz, it is much harder than it sounds but you're right, I don't think it would be as rewarding.

  2. Love your definition. I feel that if you and Master are not aware of your definition for both dominance and submission then a lot of butting heads will occur. Your definition is stating your expectations, which is important that He knows. Great post. It's making me think what exactly it means to me and in my dynamic.

    1. HS, the thought didn't even cross my mind, but you're right, once again :)

  3. Nice list, you have come a long way. I don't think one ever reaches the ultimate submission....there is always more. For me, sometimes we seem to move ahead too fast at other times i long for more.
    hugs abby

    1. Abby, I don't think it is possible to reach ultimate submission either but I want to strive for it... or even to have a moment of it. I'm not normally an overachiever but I may be with this, lol. I do find myself longing for more but I haven't felt that we have moved too fast, but I think the only reason for that is because we are both new.

    2. abby, this is kind of weird but I was cooking dinner tonight and for some crazy reason your comment and my reply popped into my head. After rereading them I realize that I said That I might be an overachiever at this lol which I'm not even close to being. What I should have said is that I WANT to be an overachiever.

      Lol, feeling pretty dumb right now.

  4. Definition by list, like the idea, especially as it reflects the little things too - liking a driving lesson!

    1. Thanks DF! Can't forget about the littlest things!

  5. I like your list. It's inspiring me to make my own, or a comment list on your list anyway. I love watching sports so I wish Master was occasionally here during sporting events. Watching the Super Bowl together would be my idea of a great time. On the other hand, I'm so glad Master doesn't have a thing for thongs.

    1. Tiklish, I would love to see your list!

      Watching sports isn't so bad if you just have a team or two that you follow but Master is a sports enthusiast. We watch college and pro football, college basketball, a little pro basketball, pro baseball, NASCAR, and we even watch poker (if you count that). We watch games he doesn't care about, we watch highlights of games he already watched, he listens to sports radio at work, he not only follows teams but players as well, it is a smorgasbord of sports over here, lol. But, he loves it, really, really loves it, so I'm trying to be more supportive.

  6. I would love to watch the Super Bowl with Sir. Last season our teams played each other. I so wanted to have us watch it together.

    1. I love watching games that my team plays his team! And we have a lot of fun going to games, but I'm not a fan of watching them on tv, it puts me to sleep :)

  7. I love this.
    I especially love that you have "Being pleasing" three times lol, because it in particular is a concept that I find myself exploring more.

    As far as the "I'm not there" bit, I think there is always somewhere to go, some new way to evolve, a new concept to absorb, a way of being to expand to. Always. No matter how far we go, or how long it takes us.
    I mean, we're talking about power, desire, love, sometimes maybe just a touch of hate (speaking for myself personally anyways), and so, so much more.

    Once you're at the "there" you're aiming for, there will be something else to reach for. It's the journey we live.

    Eek, I've really gone on. Sorry.
    Just one more thing, really, I mean it!....I'm happy to see a regular followers gadget here--Google+ discriminated against my refusal to upgrade to its fancy ways.

    1. Thanks, lil!

      Lol, yeah, I'm finding out that being pleasing isn't a skill that is acquired easily.

      I love how you describe it, evolving, absorbing, etc.! I find myself constantly thinking about where I want to be and wondering if Master will take me there and I really need to stop doing that. Seriously, I might drive myself crazy, lol.

      I didn't like Google+. I switched, then I had that email glitch and, honestly, the whole thing confuses me, lol, so I switched back and therefore don't see a point in adding that gadget on my page. :)


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