Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Just Do

In my other life, the one you know little about, I normally do not use profane words, and even rarer do I talk about my sex life.  

I'm not sure why I often say things here when they are rarely said everywhere else, I just do. It is uncomfortable at times but afterwards it is not so bad.

It's kind of how I normally do not have things shoved down my throat but, for some reason, when I'm with Master, I just do -- a cock here, a toy there, fingers over yonder. It is uncomfortable at times but afterwards, and during, it is not so bad.

Sometimes, in some places, normality does not happen and for baffling reasons I'm happy to oblige when the occasion arises to engage in the uncomfortable.

And, of course, it gives me a chance to be me and maybe a little more ;)


  1. Your last sentence pretty much sums it up.....that is why the title of my blog....finally finding me!
    hugs abby

    1. Isn't it so refreshing! Like a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day...

  2. I love this Misty, very well said. "I just do" ... perfect! :)


  3. Hmm...
    Its just the place that beckons you to be you.

  4. Well said. I think I need to borrow this for a mantra. Less 'overthinking' and more 'just doing'.

    1. Oh, I'm really good at over thinking too :) but it is nice to not over think everything.


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