Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quick Update

My last post... one of the hardest posts I've written. I'm even having problems replying to comments, some liquid substance keeps clouding my vision. I don't think I've shared that much about my past in over ten years (strange that I did here). There's more, so much more, but for now that's all I'm going to share. As for the box, it is going to go untouched awhile longer, maybe forever, I don't know. I will never throw it away so it will be there should I be willing.

On a brighter note, Master is different, or maybe it is both of us, either way I see us going further into the forest. When he asks me to do something, he is not asking if I will do it or not, he is saying that he expects it done. When he asks me if I want the bed in a different place he is saying that the bed will be moved. When he says to keep my legs spread he really means it. And it is totally hot. Seriously. 

With this newness comes adjustments on my part. One being that I am some how supposed to limit my time spent online and on my phone (deer in headlights). He has been pushing this for awhile but every time he sees me online, at the wrong times, I get a look that tells me that the ice might break at any given second (still a deer in headlights).

So, yeah, I should probably go now.


  1. Hi Misty, I hope sharing what you have has helped in some way. It's your blog. Share as much or as little as you want.

    I'm glad it sounds as though you are Master are in a good place. Good luck with limited the online time. That would definitely be a tough one for me!


    1. Roz, it is going to be SO hard! but eventually I will figure it out.

  2. (((Hugs)))

    ah yes. the 'get off your phone' look. I'm not as good at it as my husband is, he spends far more time on his phone than I do on mine!

    I'm being a little unfair, he's curtailed it after a discussion and is meticulous about not using it at meals, but still...

    1. mc kitten, I'm awful... that's all I'm going to say :)


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