Friday, February 28, 2014


So about this thing I suggested to Master.

I just didn't think. Actually, I was thinking, I just wasn't thinking clearly. It is all Master's fault really--not that he minds either way. He had just done stuff to me and after he does such things I just don't think clearly. The thought entered my mind and about ten seconds later it came flying out.


I mentioned that it might be interesting to go awhile without him fucking my pussy.

I just didn't think!

It's been ten days--four of those days I was on my period.

Rest assured other holes are being utilized.

Rest assured I'm driving myself nuts. I thought it would be easy because, you know, I don't need it but, as soon as he said, "Yeah, we can do that," I needed it--naturally. Do note that when he said, "Yeah, we can do that," it was like he was agreeing to having chicken for dinner. Makes no difference to me.

Rest assured he isn't giving in to my pleas...and I like that. I reeeeeally like that. I have even found myself thanking him for that.

I'm thanking him for not fucking me... What is that about?!

We even had the most intense night we have had thus far and it still didn't happen.

And while his cock -and fingers- may be boycotting my pussy, other things are not. I used to enjoy those other things now, however, they are just not the same.

Which just makes me want Him more--naturally.


  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "your mouth is writing checks your ass can't cash", lol. i have occasionally opened my mouth and said, "so i thought/read/saw this idea and maybe You/i/we shoud try it" and later i'm wondering why i get myself into these situations, lol.

    1. scarlet, lol! I've never heard that one, Master liked it.

      The next morning I realized what I did lol

  2. You have a very cute way of expressing yourself. Thankfully, on the few occasions when I've suggested things that I thought might be fun, but turned out badly for me and relationship-damaging, he was fine with not doing them again. Master isn't usually unreasonable. Usually. Hee.

    1. Tiklish, good to see you here.

      So far we haven't done anything that turned out to be bad *knocks on wood* Give me a few days and I will probably be saying that my Master is unreasonable lol

  3. So how long is he going to keep going without fucking your pussy? Doesn't he miss it too even though he is using other holes?


    1. FD, I've asked but he won't tell me how long. I sure hope he misses it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah...i know all about saying texting too quickly....interesting thought you had, wonder how long before you are begging..LOL.
    hugs abby

    1. abby, hug. Damn brain to mouth filters, let's demand a refund!

      I've asked him for it a few times but I'm afraid to ask too often or too much in one night. If there's one thing I've learned about him in the last 12 years is that he hates it when I keep bringing stuff up, especially about stuff I want, and it makes him take longer to give it to me (or not at all). I'm not sure that applies here but I'm afraid to try! Nonetheless, give me awhile and I'm sure to find my inner beggar. :)


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