Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Could Have Just Said...

That no one has ever guided me (I probably had one or two that gave me nudges), to correct me when I do wrong, or to give me a better choice when I can't find it myself. What a relief it would be to finally know I am doing the right thing, by one person. 

When someone tells me that I can do whatever I want it feels like that someone is giving up on me. Not that, that someone is actually giving up on me but that is what it feels like. 

I don't do well with freedom


I also could have just said that I am at my best, and try my hardest, when I know what I am supposed to be doing. I have never been a leader but if it was my job to be a leader, I would make it happen. Heck, I am a mom, so I guess I kind of am a leader. Huh. I digress. I am good at following directions but I need directions in order to do that.

Yeah, I guess I could have just said that. 


  1. i have a habit of frequently saying i can't read your mind. Many times in frustration to my computer when we're emailing so luckily it doesn't get me in trouble. i do understand what you are going through.

  2. Misty, I just read your previous post and this one. I think you said it perfectly in your previous post. It was heartfelt.

    How can we meet expectations when we aren't sure what it expected to start with. I hope you can talk this through with your Master and let him know how you feel. Perhaps show him the posts.


  3. Misty,

    You are right, you could have just said it that way. Also, you could have said it a few different ways. You said it from your heart. You shared a correlation on how you perceive it. How it makes you feel. It appears to have opened up dialogue with your Master and that is important.

    It is important that the Dom listens and hears what His sub is saying. To understand how she feels, why she feels to that way, and to make out better.

    When a sub gives up control, she is giving up the control to do what she feels is best. It is no longer about her union, it is all about His. All we want is to please Him in every facet possible.

    On the flip side, it's important for subs to listen and hear their Doms.

    Communication is a two way street as mind reading is just not possible.


  4. Misty,
    I think you have been really strong in your communications.
    You need to truly be heard on this and your feelings acknowledged.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your support. Things are clearer now, unfortunately they are a very unpleasant clear. But life goes on and we adapt.


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