Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Answers: Part 1

This is so much fun and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts, just wish I had more time in the day! 

First for tori's questions...

1) list 3 things that are on you kink to-do list?
  1. I know this is very general but I really want to try more bondage stuff...and ultimately be suspended. And I'm pretty sure I would love to be tied to a tree(s).
  2. I want to crawl for Master (I was just able to pluck up the courage to tell Master this because you asked this question, thanks for that tori!)
  3. Last but not least, thanks to tori and lil, I want an anal hook. FYI they are still extremely intimidating but I want one :)
2) favorite sex toy?
      With out a doubt, clamps.
3) if you could change one thing only about yourself, what would it be?
After much deliberation, going from changing my eye color to something Master might want to change in my behavior, I have decided that I would want to be smarter (unless I could choose to change the fact that I age???). I want to have a lot of knowledge about general stuff; a much better vocabulary, how to generate electricity from wind, how to make candles with lye and fats, be more worldly, how to build a house, know more about the ocean and it's creatures, I could keep going but I think you got the idea. 
 I will try to get to all of your other questions as soon as I can...so much fun!

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