Friday, March 14, 2014

Answers: Part 6 (Movies, Nothing Exciting, and Hurdles)

Tomsrose, over at Tom's Rose, asked a few questions...

1) Do you have a favorite movie?

We don't watch a lot of movies over here -unless you count kid movies- we do enjoy watching TV series, however it is hard to pick one favorite. Some of my favs are Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, True Blood, Vikings, Game of Thrones, the list could keep going. I do like Bridesmaids and The Proposal (when Sandra Bullock starts singing "sweat drips down my balls" it gets me every time, lmao). 

2) Craziest place you and your hubby have gotten down to business?

I have nothing exciting to say here. All very normal places.

3) Your biggest hurdle in TTWD when you first began? 

This question is much harder to answer than I thought it was going to be because sometimes things are hard and sometimes those same things are easy. I also think that we are still so new that I'm not sure we/I have jumped over any hurdle. The emotional side of TTWD is really hard for me, so much so that I often wonder if I can handle it. It's hard for me not to talk back and I always seem to have the wrong tone in my voice. Now that I think more about it, the first big hurdle had to be when I realized how badly I had been treating my husband. I had to learn to use that as motivation to treat him better. It was hard not to fall apart--I felt so unworthy. I think it was a step that needed to happen in order for me to realize how lucky I am, and in turn that kind of put me in my place. (FYI, I hate that term "put me in my place." It really gets under my skin for some reason.)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Misty,

    Thank you. It took a lot of courage to writ your last answer.


    1. Thanks, Joey. It's hard looking back...

  2. Hi Misty, wonderful and honest answer to the last question. Thank you for sharing this. I think when we embark on ttwd and start interacting with each other more positively and as we become more connected and start to see the benefits, it makes us reflect on how our interactions used to be.


    1. Roz, the good thing is, that I'm not that way now...well, not all the time anyway :)

  3. Misty,
    I think TTWD really has the potential to bring us to a place of new harmony and flow and after we've hung around that wonderful place for awhile, the past does creep in and how we've maybe treated our partners in the past, is something that we all contend with. I put that out of my mind by choosing to think of it all as a learning experience-that was then-this is now because there really is no point in beating ourselves up over it. Great post.

    1. Bleuame, I try hard not to beat myself up about it, sometimes I fail. I have been able to use it as a guildline as what not to do...


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