Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jumping Hurdles

I was laying in bed this morning -being squished by a little one- thinking about my last post and hurdles. 

This life of TTWD has many hurdles; tall hurdles, short hurdles, recurring hurdles, insurmountable hurdles. As I was thinking about all of these different types of hurdles it all became overwhelming. I kept picturing a never ending track with a never ending line of hurdles, and me trying to run this track for the rest of my life. 

I was never good at hurdles--too short. 

I couldn't help but wonder why. Why would I subject myself to jumping a hurdle only to find the same hurdle in front of me again? And if not the same one, a new one, a taller one. 

As overwhelming as it was, I was able to see past the hurdles--even the insurmountable hurdles. I saw that this was the same track I have been running in my whole life. Sure, there used to be less hurdles, but now...the grass is soft and bright green, the sun is warmer and brighter, I can see a little clearer, and there are flowers blooming everywhere. 

Then I realized that, even though I have a lifetime of hurdles to jump, I have soft grass beneath my feet to help me repair between each hurdle and soften the blow when I land, I have the sun to warm me before and after jumping a chilling hurdle, and when I need to rest I have flowers to smell. Not only that but, when I stumble and scrape my knees, maybe even break a bone, the sun and grass transform into a person that cleans my scrapes and holds me while I heal. 

This track and it's hurdles may be difficult to maintain but through all of its beauty I am able to be me and enjoy life the way I was meant to--in that I know it is worth the fall and it is worth jumping the same hurdle a million times to stay here. 


  1. Well said Misty. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading, Joey. Hope your knee is healing!

  2. Love this Misty, beautiful :)


  3. Lovely post. May your hurdles remain small and surmountable :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for the compliment, Bleuame!

  5. oh this is beautiful, and a great way to describe it

  6. This is really beautiful and such a positive perspective. I need to think more like this.

  7. Aurora, I think it is difficult to focus on the good things when the hurdles seem so freaking big, but the good is always there (even if it seems like your good has gone out of town for the week).


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