Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out Of the Loop

I have only had time to read a few posts this week, I feel so out of the loop. It has even been hard to find time to write and reply to comments.

This time away from here has got me worried. Worried that I have said too much -that I have showed too much of myself- and I'm tempted to run away...or delete half of my posts.

I'm, all of a sudden, extremely worried about saying the wrong thing in a comment on another's post--this has always been a worry, but now it is stronger.

I get this way with people too.

I'm not going anywhere, I just want this feeling to pass.


  1. We all have our moments of being too busy. I can't speak for everyone but I can certainly relate to feeling as if I am going to say the wrong thing by opening up within our own blogs and in comments on others. But that's what we are all here express ourselves and learn from each other. I always try look at it from the perspective that what I chose to write helps me and if it helps even one other person in the process...well then that's even better.

    Hugs to you:)

  2. Please don't go away! I love reading your blog. And don't worry about saying the wrong thing in other people's posts. People are mad at me all the time because I don't properly fit in and because I don't ITA! every post I see. But I'm used to it. Back in the earlier days of the internet, instead of blogs, we had discussion boards, where people could express themselves more and disagree more and discuss and such without feelings being hurt. But that was also back in the 90's when everything wasn't PC and people weren't as delicate. Now the world is upside down, where I can't walk down the street without passing people whose every other word is f*ck, not at all concerned about offending me or anyone else, but I'm not allowed to say Merry Christmas because it might offend someone. So don't go away. Just be yourself. You can twist yourself into a knot trying to please everybody but it's impossible, especially nowadays.

  3. You're not alone on this. It cycles around about once a month for me. if I hold my breath for about a week it passes.
    Hugs DF

  4. I understand Misty. I know all about revealing the truth to the public. :)

  5. Hi Misty, I too have struggled to find time to read, comment and post lately. I also understand the worry about saying too much, or saying the wrong thing in a comment. As DF said, I think we all go through this from time to time. The good news is, it does pass :)


  6. (((hugs)))

    hopefully it will pass - i'd be really sad if you deleted posts and miss you if you stopped blogging xxx

  7. It will pass.
    I get that way with people too. Usually after I've already opened my mouth though...

  8. I'm going to reply to you all at once because I'm lacking in this thing called time.

    Thank you each SO much. This feeling is still lingering, though not as strong. It helped to write my last post. I will get through it. You are all such great help. I'm not going anywhere.


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