Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hookless Torture (Part 1)

As some of you may already know, Master had me order the hook last week. It would have been nicer of him to surprise me. Instead, I had to wait, for days, contemplating how he was going to use it.

I knew it was arriving on Wednesday. 

I forgot to sew. It completely slipped my mind. I mean, come on, it's a steel hook, who could think about sewing at a time like that?! Master didn't think I had a good excuse. 

The package arrived. I opened it. (What have I gotten myself into? Might have been a thought.) I put it back in the package and in our closet.

That evening, after the kids were asleep, he puts both sets of cuffs on me. I was still in my clothes. We go sit on the couch, get something on tv, and I lay my head in his lap. He put a plug in. I tried to stay focused on the show, which didn't last long because he took out a rope and proceeded to try out some ideas he had (the hook was not around). He seemed very calm. Huh. Wonder if I try it this way. Open your mouth. Now if I just...yeah, that will work. 

I was about to explode.

He finished with that and we did...other things. Fun things. Ending up in bed.

It was getting a little late, so I asked if he was going to get the hook (Yes, I asked. Think nothing of it.)

I'm tired.

Seriously, I couldn't make this up.

I had to wait another freaking day!!

So unfair.

The second part to the story is here.  


  1. Sounds like a great night, despite the hook not making an appearance. Not surprised you forgot to sew!:)


    1. Roz, it is much better looking back, rather than living it. lol. I was so jittery and nervous, I just wanted to get it over with...

  2. I've learned NOT to ask while in the moment but before the moment. Of course we will be told no most times in the moment.

    Sounds like a yummy night.

    1. HS, I think Master likes it when I ask. :)

      It was a great night.


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