Saturday, April 19, 2014

So, I am 'That' Type

In my attempt to ignore the storm overhead, I have been reading about my personality type. Who knew it could be so interesting to read things about yourself that you already know?

Let me give you the break down of myself...

Your personality type: INFP.
Breakdown of preferences: Mind - Introverted (79%), Energy - Intuitive (36%), Nature- Feeling (39%), Tactics - Prospecting (15%), Identity - Assertive (15%).
Extraverted ?
Introverted ?

Intuitive ?
Observant ?

Thinking ?
Feeling ?

Judging ?
Prospecting ?

Assertive ?
Turbulent ?

If you care to read a little more about this type feel free to look here. I feel that most of what the article says is true, however, if you scroll down to the bottom and click on the link for romantic relationships (or click here) I see some discrepancies; one of which is that, it says that people with this type tend to put their partners on imaginary pedestals. Ummmm, LOL! Never mind the other main discrepancy I saw--no need to get into that.

I also did a little reading on the differences in "assertive" and "turbulent," and I do agree that I am more assertive but I have quite a few turbulent tendencies as well.

Master also took the test (though you might think I was pulling his teeth out, instead of asking questions, lol), he is a ESTJ, you can read about him here.

Now, I know all of you want to take the test, and tell me what type you are, don't you?! Well, just in case you do, the link is here.


  1. Wow..ESTJ here too..Sounds as if I am in good company...

    1. davefan, I know you have been following me for awhile, but I do believe this is your first comment, thank you!

      Interesting that you are the same as Master. As far as I'm concerned, you are in great company ;)

  2. I did this and I'm INFP too! I've done this personality test many times and each time I come out differently, I'm unable to have a high score on any line, it all depends on my mood for the day. :)

    1. DF, oh yeah, we're cool! :)

      I think the only trait that might change, for me, is that last one, but who knows, maybe I should try again in a month to see if it comes out the same.

  3. oh I find these brigs-myers type tests so interesting! I've done ones like these before but years ago and blowed if I can remember the results!
    I'm ENFJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). Seems ok - certainly I enjoy public speaking of all sorts, but charismatic and influential?! um.. not sure about that....
    The romantic bit - yeah, fairly close apart from the bit about falling into predictable routines with sex - um no.
    The friendship - omg, spot on!
    Parenthood - pretty close too.
    Impressed that my type is only 2% of the population, but no idea what that really signifies!

    1. mc kitten, I find them SO interesting too! Even more so now that I'm seeing what some of you are.

      I think you might be more influential and charismatic than you think! Your comment about predictable sex had me really laughing!!! That is so NOT you! Lol

  4. I know I took one of these before and I'm an I-something. I could have sworn I saved the results somewhere, but can't find them on my computer :( It was easier to answer than the one you linked though. I looked at the first few questions and couldn't even decide what described me better. Am I good at introducing myself? Well, if I'm stuck somewhere around people I talk to them, but I don't go up and say, Hi, I'm Tiklish!

    1. Tiklish, lol! Well, if you find it you should let me know.

      I did take another test that had yes and no answers, but I liked this one more because it gave me a chance to say I was a little of both. However, the other test gave me the same result...

  5. I read the descriptions and I seem closest to an ISTJ.

  6. I was ISFP, independent and doesn't like authority and rules ... oh desr! LoL



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