Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home is Where I am

My mom is flying in today. Which has got me thinking (it's what I do after all) about home, and how home isn't really home anymore. Home is here, where I am now, and that makes me a little sad.

There are things I miss; my best friend (miss her the most), the food, the sun, swimming pools, warm summer nights, the food, most of my family, the vast array of shopping, state pride, and the food.

But the thought of moving back, and the traffic, no thank you. Which makes me feel like I'm a trader. I was born there, I grew up there, I love my home state, but I just...don't want to live there, lol.

It's nice to think that I'm someone different here, and that my past isn't as close, as it is there.

Now, part of that home is coming to this home.

Don't get me wrong. I really love my mom. She's a great person. She just...was a friend when she needed to be a mother. And she has health problems that she continues to ignore, thus she is killing herself. It pisses me off and scares me.

So anyway, for a kinky end, Master was rubbing his cock on my face the other night, he wouldn't let me open my mouth, even just a little! would think that would be easy...but it's not.


  1. Enjoy your time with her. Remember, home is where your heart is.

    1. Slave David, thank you. I can't tell you how many times I have heard that saying, but when you said it here, it took on a new meaning and has really got me thinking...

  2. I understand what you mean, except where I am is not home. I need to make it home, but having difficulties. Even Master has made the comment that I need to move back to where I'm from.

    1. Hs, this is a new thing for me. I know that longing feeling well, like a piece of you is missing or a piece of you was left at home...well that's how it felt for me's different now.

  3. Totally relate to not feeling at home, where your home currently is. For myself i don't really think i have found anywhere that truly felt like home yet, not since i left the home i was raised in and that was many years ago. Perhaps it is because we are looking for the exact same thing we had back then, or close to it?

    As for thinking not being able to open your mouth would be easy... i am with you. Excruciatingly hard, try biting on your lower lip, that seems to help me. *giggles*

    Also i have really been enjoying reading your entries and i was recently invited to participate in a Blog Tour and listed your blog as one i'd love to have join. If you are interested, here is the information.
    Blog Train

    Thanks either way for considering it. *smiles*

    slave *~destiny~*

    1. slave destiny, lol, it is really hard, I just never thought! I'll have to try the biting thing, if he lets me.

      I'm so blown away that you would invite me on this Blog Tour! Thank you so much! I will write up something soon. Thanks, again :)

  4. Home...
    I consider home to be where he is and what we are creating together.
    Enjoy your visit!

    Hmm...I find the keeping the mouth closed thing a lot easier when one is permitted to close their eyes :P

    1. Bleuame, your comment here and David's above, has got me thinking about how/when/why my feelings about home changed. I might have to write about it...

      Close your eyes, huh? That might work, but I wonder if he would let me...I say it's worth a try :)


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