Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Done

I did it again! I finished another quilt! Sure I did it the same style of quilt, and managed to make some of the mistakes I made last time, but who cares, this one will work just as good as the store bought kind (and besides, mc kitten told me (the last time I finished a quilt) mistakes are good and made on purpose by some!).

Don't you just want to cuddle up in it?

Yay! No more sewing! Okay, I like sewing, but not the way Master likes it. I prefer to take my time--you know, like a year, not a few months. Turns out he likes to see me put more effort into what I do...

I haven't missed a run since he expressed how important it is.

Soooooo, I'm not grounded anymore. My online time is still limited, but it's a much more manageable time.

And a part of me, a little part of me, wants to have that back (the grounding). I'm trying not to figure it out...'cause it makes no sense.

But, yay! I did it! :)


  1. Congratulation on finishing the quilt Misty, it is beautiful! Well done, and well done with the running too!
    So glad you are no longer gtounded and have more online time. A part of you wanting it back though, I get that!


    1. Roz, thanks! I'm happy with myself and he seemed pleased to see the extra effort I put in, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

      I really don't get why I would want that back, I mean I didn't like it... I guess it's just the control I liked...maybe?

  2. Congrats....a wonderful accomplishment,,,and a beautiful blanket. It is tough losing control over a part of your life..not matter you were not that happy with it in the first place. Part of being a complicated submissive...:LOL...i should know.
    hugs abby

    1. abby, thank you!

      It is difficult! I am complicated, and confused, not such a great mix. LOL.

  3. Yeah! You can come out and play! You miss you miss the strict control.

    1. Hs, it's nice to be back. I think you're right, it's the strict control

  4. What an accomplishment! Congrats!


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