Monday, August 18, 2014

A Year for You

Today is the big day! I can't believe it's here!

It has been exactly one year since I started writing here! Wow. A complete year of my craziness in black and white (scary thought), but I don't want to talk about me today, because today is about YOU! That's right, today is about each and every one of you, because without you this place wouldn't be what it is. I have cried, bitched, whined, laughed, mused, and so much more, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without all the acceptance from you.

And I can't thank you enough.

When I first started reading about D/s I came across a blog that put this blog in motion. I was touched by her words in a big way, and I became inspired. The inner writer in me (holy cow, am I writer?!) woke up and said, "I want to write like that!" Now, of course, I will never be able to write like lil over at Submissive Sanctuary, but she sure did inspire me and she continues to do so.

Please know that this could have been many of you -so many of you are inspiring, wonderful writers- but I happened upon her blog first, and it feels like the right time to give some credit. 

I also have to thank lil, His slut, tori, Bleuame, little girl, abby, Del Fonte, mc kitten, and Roz for all being here since the beginning (well, within the first two months)--you have stuck it out with me for a year (are you crazy?!) and I find myself incredibly lucky to have lady's like you around for advice and support.

But, here's the thing, no matter how long you've been here -be it one year or one week- you are so important to what I do here. All of you make me feel like I belong...

Now look at me, I'm all emotional!

I guess that's no surprise. lol.

Anyway, the list below is everyone that has played a part in my blog, and I deeply thank all of you for reading and taking the time to comment. *crossing my fingers that I didn't forget anyone!*

abby (finally finding "me")
Amber Wolfe aka brat (Mortuary Chick)
Aurora (Not Your Everyday Fairy Tale)
Ava Grace (The Beauty of Submission)
Awkward Frog Blue (Awkward Frog Blue)
Betsy T (My life as a Sexually Submissive Woman)
BigDlils (Big D lil s Life)
Bleuame (private blog, but here is her profile)
Brooke Austin (Practicing Surrender)
Chickadee (Just Chickie)
davefan0609 (davefan0609)
David F. (blog is no longer active)
DelFonte (A Place of Fancies)
Faerie Wings (faerie learns to fly)
Flordia Dom (Florida Dom's Corner)
Fondles (Fondlers Anonymous)
Han van Meegeren (Infinitesimal Thoughts)
His slut (Thoughts From His Slut)
Irishey (Irishey's Isle)
Jackie Berlant (Google+)
Joey (Joey and Friends)
lil (Submissive Sanctuary)
little (willing slut)
little girl (Master's Submissive Little Girl)
Master49 (The Taming of L)
mostly mouse (The Power Exchange)
mc kitten (Pillow Talk)
Mickey (Blissfully Submissive, may she RIP)
Mistress Marie (Mistress Marie and Her Slave!)
NeedyT (Google+)
Pearl Necklace (Happily Surrendered and Submissive)
Roz (Roz in his hands)
Sarah (Clear As Mud)
saturn 2013 (blog is no longer active)
scarlet (scarlet's submission)
Slave David (Mistress Marie and Her Slave!)
slave destiny (Reclaiming *~destiny~*)
Sophia (Loving Submission)
Spankingly Good Time (Love and Marriage in New England)
sub hub in phx (submissive husband in Phoenix)
Subrina (Subrina ~ Finding Our Way in This Thing We Do)
Tiklish (pusseezablur)
Tomsrose (Tom's Rose)
tori (Pain's Pleasure)
1ManView (2 blogs see Blogger Profile)
2009dag (blog is no longer active)


  1. Wow, I'm touched, thank you. Doesn't blogging make the time fly by, perhaps because it is like a diary and you see the months drift by so quickly. Congratulations on your first year.
    I've enjoyed reading your blog. I don't see whining or other negative things when I read here, I see you and it's a pleasure to get to know you... in your TTWD capacity.
    Keep blogging.

    1. DF, I'm the one that is touched! Thank you for reading here, it really does mean a lot.

  2. Awww...thanks Misty:)

    Congrats on celebrating a year!! It's been great getting to know you and watching how your dynamic has developed.

  3. Congrats on the one year...and thanks, it has been my pleasure sharing our journeys. Thanks also for the blog places to explore!
    hugs abby

  4. As a newbie around here I am extra touched to be mentioned, thank you!
    Happy one year, I look forward to reading for at least another year.

    1. Beth, thank you for reading here!

  5. Aww, such a lovely post Misty, thank you:) Congratulations on your first Blogiversary! I'm so glad you started blogging and have enjoyed reading here. It's been an honour to follow your journey and I look forward to reading more :)


    1. Roz, thank YOU! It means a lot that I'm one you follow.

  6. Congratulations to you Misty, and thank you so much for the honor of being included in your list of people that you wish to thank. it has been a distinct pleasure and i can't wait to see what the year (and year after that, etc) will bring.

    Thank you again!

    1. sub hub, thanks! I was happy to add you to the list.

  7. Wow, one year!! it seems so much longer, and you do write well, have confidence in yourself lol

    Hope for many more years to come, isn't it lovely to look back and see how far you have come?


    1. tori, I know! In ways it seems longer, and other ways it doesn't seem like it has been a year. lol. It is exciting to see where we are now!

      I've got some work to do on the whole confidence thing...

  8. Aww, you're too sweet, and you write wonderfully.

    I am so very glad that you decided to join Blogland. It is a better place for your presence. Plus, I'm selfish and I like talking to you.

    Congratulations on a year!!!

    1. lil, thank you SO much!

      If I could take compliments a little better I would probably be able to come up with a much better reply :)

  9. Congrats on one year. As the years add up you'll enjoy looking back.

  10. Congrats Misty on one year!
    This place just wouldn't be the same without you.

    1. Thanks, Bleuame, that means a lot. Hugs of blue!

  11. Congratulations! And thank you - i'm honored to see my name on your list!!


    1. sofia, thank you! It was my pleasure adding you to the list!

  12. a year?! really?! wow! many congrats! and you are so very welcome xx (((hugs)))


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