Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I still have some questions to answer, from lil and Roz, and I will get to them, eventually, but for now... 

The other night, he took me down stairs, in cuffs, for the first time.

He turned the couch around so the back was facing the tv and figured out a way to tie my wrists up so my arms were hanging over the back of the couch (and my knees on the cushions).

It was pretty awesome.

Turns out he wanted to keep an eye on the baseball game while having his way with my butt...yeah, sports are that important over here.

And I love that he did that! Not sure why, but I do.

I can't help but laugh knowing he missed a home run (that ended up being the run that won the game) while I was sucking him.

I'm thinking, if we do more of that I might start to like watching baseball on tv...at the very least I won't fall asleep anymore :)


  1. Love, LOVE playing in the basement!!!

    So happy he has found a way to help you enjoy the game =)

    XOXO Pearl

  2. LoL Misty, I love it! Cracked up at the missed home run lol. Sounds like a wonderful combination :)


    1. Roz, I keep laughing about that! I think he wanted to be a little more upset about missing it, but couldn't. lol!

  3. Replies
    1. Spankingly, he is good at multi-tasking :)


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