Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Inspiration

lil was kind enough to offer some ideas for me to write about, here is one...

What do you feel most inspires your submission?

For the sake of my over-thinking mind, I need to clarify that I write of my submission within D/s.

My first thought was that it had to be my husband. The man put up with me for twelve years without D/s (not that D/s has made me "better" but, at least I can see my mistakes now). I strongly want to be someone better than I was, someone that he could be proud to have on his arm, because he deserves that.

And that is highly inspiring but, then I got to thinking, like I tend to do...

When I "do" for him, no matter if I'm making his lunch or falling to my knees, I'm filled with purpose and I feel alive. And it is that...

It is what runs through my veins and ignites when I'm doing something for him or because of him. 
It is what makes my head swim. 
It is having someone to fall back on when the world sucks. 
It is when my mind clears and I'm able to focus because it is filled with him. 
It is enjoying who is within my skin. 
It is living, really living.

It's that's The Feeling.

Sure, a good slap to the face or his paddle can give some good inspiration, and there is much inspiration because he deserves more from me, however, it's The Feeling that inspires my submission the most. I crave it. I want more of it. I want to be consumed with it. 

When I feel like I can't go on or I'm incapable of doing this, it is The Feeling that reminds me that I'm  where I'm supposed to be, and I keep going. 

Ahhhhhh, the writing itch is cured! :) 


  1. Great post Misty. Glad to see the writers block is cured:)

  2. Love this Misty! Glad you have found some writing inspiration :)


  3. Misty, great post!

  4. Loved this Misty! So glad you were able to say goodbye to writer's block!


  5. "It is living, really living." Oh yes...That.

    Well said!


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