Saturday, January 24, 2015

For Him and Her

She was sitting on the couch when he walked up, grabbed her hair at the roots and calmly said, "Get up whore."

She tried to keep pace with him while they walked to the back of the house, her hair still wrapped his fingers pulling ever so much, pain shooting throughout her scalp. The girl slightly paused when they reached the stairs, secretly hoping he would take her to the basement, however another pull to the hair told her they were continuing on to the bedroom.

Once there, he pushed her head down into the bed and commanded that she take off her clothes and get on her knees. After which, he finally let go of her hair allowing her skin to settle down in its normal form.

All clothes came off and she took him in her mouth, as she knew from previous experience this was what he wanted. She enjoys pleasing him this way, giving him what she can while he is free to relax.

"Get the clamps and put them on."

The whore was disappointed to stop, however she loves the clamps, so managed to pull herself away for the few moments it took to put them on.

His cock was back in her mouth when the crop struck her back for the first time that night.

She lost herself in his instructions and mentions of being a dirty fucking whore, while he used the crop to flick and slap her nipples.

This is when her troubles of the world disappear and she finds a new self enchanted by all the sounds, sights, and feelings. All is right in these moments.

The cold feeling of the clamp's chain moving against her skin, the firm, continuous pinch on her nipples, his hard cock in her mouth, and even the sting from the carpet digging into her knees, gives her strength to be his in the most uncertain times.

The sounds from both of them further her belief that they are one and are meant to be forever.

The view of his cock, the crop in his strong hands, and her naked breasts being deliciously tortured confirm she is indeed the whore he wants.

Later basking in the release and feel of his warm cum on her body, she is empowered to do more, to be more, for him and for her...


  1. *smiles* this is awesome, and hot! Sounds perfect :)


  2. Hot...and it is freezing here...thanks for the warm-up. Ah...that wonderful escape.....
    hugs abby

  3. Thanks, everyone. It was fun to write, and even better experiencing it! ;)


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