Sunday, February 15, 2015

He Bought Rope

The only rope that he has used thus far is from a jump rope the kids got (it had cheap handles that broke). This new rope is long, soft, and blue. And I think I'm in love. 

Let's back up a bit.

He left the house saying, "I need to run an errand." 

I didn't ask where he was going because we usually use this as code for, "I don't want the kids to know where I'm going because they will want to come with me."

Later, when he was starting the fire I asked. 

"You don't need to worry about it," was the answer I got. 

So, of course, I knew it was something I might actually need to worry about, or at least something to thoroughly wonder about. 

*     *     *     *

I'm such a lucky girl! He got out the hook again. *grins*

Anyway, the anal hook was put in place (I wasn't very relaxed and it actually kinda hurt this time), then the rope came out. Well, first I heard the plastic bag, then I felt the rope. When I finally saw it I remember thinking, "YAY!" And, "It's blue." 

Isn't weird the stuff that can run through your mind during times like this. I mean, why on earth would I be thinking about the color

He tied it to the hook and wrapped it around my shoulders and under my breast a couple times, then above my breast a couple times. It also got wrapped around my neck and waist somehow...I wasn't much concerned with how he was doing it, just that he was doing it. 

It was an interesting feeling. I was naked, all parts were showing, yet I felt...not naked...maybe secure is the word I'm looking for. Not sure how to explain.   

And when he entered me for the first time in forever a week, fireworks went off inside me. It was like he pushed little balls of pleasure into my veins with his cock. It was almost too much. Almost. 

Those little balls travelled to their spots and stayed there, igniting each time he moved.

If there is some kind of D/s heaven, that's where we were. 

We have a full length mirror in our room that, if we are at one corner of the bed, we can see ourselves in it. He likes making me look at myself sometimes, this was one of those times. 

It was...I felt...beautiful. I had this blue rope around my neck and torso. My ponytail was falling out, messy and off to one side, but it too was beautiful. It was him, though, that set the picture over the top...him fucking me. 

Best. Valentine's. Ever. 


  1. Oh my! That sounds utterly awesome.

    When the color of a toy, etc., is my favorite color I get super excited.

  2. I agree...sounds awesome! What a nice way to spend Valentines:)

  3. Ahhh! Happy you had such a great Valentine's!
    This made me remember why I used to love rope :-)

  4. Wow, what a Valentine! Mirrors, I love the concept, not sure if I could take it being on view, probably wouldn't matter since I wear glasses and generally leave them off... safety reasons :)

  5. Lucky girl, i love rope more so than leather restraints, its just more intimate i think....and love the anal hook as well...jealous as i havent had it for a long time....a good session that is


  6. I know just the rope He used ;)....and it is heavenly. A wonderful way to celebrate the holiday...
    hugs abby

  7. Wow Misty, this sounds awesome, a wonderful Valentines night! Smiling for you :) I love that you felt beautiful ... as you should :)


  8. That sounds like a very fun evening. Lucky lady.

  9. Thanks, everyone!! It made me feel all kinds of special :)


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