Thursday, April 2, 2015

Answers for tori: Growth, Frightening Curiosity, and Implements

Trying to not be all doom and gloom, so going to answer some questions.

tori, at Pain's Pleasure, asked...

1) since starting this journey, what in self reflection do you think has been the most positive, in your own growth, and his as well 

This is kinda hard to answer right now, being that I'm in the midst of a growth, that feels like ten a hundred steps back. So, trying to ignore that, I think it would have to be how we have grown closer as a couple. 

We have always been a happy couple -little fighting, many laughs and good times-, but we were two people living together that were almost living different lives--most days he did his thing and I did mine. Now, we are closer to being one. He goes off to work, but he never leaves me. I'm not positive but, I think it's the same for him, I think he feels closer to me, too. 

2) what frightens you the most kink wise, even though it might arouse your curiosity? 

There is quite a bit that frightens me. Lol. I guess, if I have to honest, a lot of those frightening things might fall under the "frightened but curious" category. I'm a firm believer in not knocking it until you try just never I right? 

Exhibitionism could possibly, maybe, be one...and that's all I'm saying! :)  

3) favourite implement and why...bonus if you detail a scene with said implement.

Can the anal hook be an implement? 'Cause I love it! Lol. Or, are you looking for a spanking implement? If so, it would be the crop, but there's still a lot we haven't tried, like a flogger...I think I would like a flogger.

Had to come back because I forgot to tell you why! The hook, well it's awesome. It's versatile, it sends me straight to the clouds, and I just love it. I like the crop because it's just a little's not like the cane or his paddle, the cane freakin' stings and his paddle feels like a punch with a side of sting (ouch!!!!).

Thanks for the questions, tori. 


  1. Hi Misty, loved reading your answers. That extra closeness and connection is awesome isn't it:) and I don't see why the hook can't be an implement:)

    I love leather. We had a crop and I found it ultra stingy. Sadly, it broke lol

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.


    1. Roz, it is awesome, and interesting to see the difference.

      Sorry yours broke! We had one that broke too, but it was SUPER cheap. The crop is stingy, but nothing like the least with my experience. :)

  2. Flogger, try a flogger. I'm a fan... it's has versatility, if such a thing is possible.
    Have a lovely Easter.

    1. DF, it's definitely on my list of wants! :)

      Hope you have a great Easter, too.

  3. Thanks for taking part

    Im so with you on the not knocking it until you have tried it...although for sure there are some things i and he has no interest in trying but mostly yeah i figure give it a go.

    I love the anal hook as well, it just works so well with bondage scenarios.

    nice to see you back posting


    1. tori, same here, there are things that hold no being loaned out, I want him there at all times. Not that I judge people that do that! I can see the appeal, but not for me.


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