Thursday, May 21, 2015

Full of Words (and a gift worth mentioning)

There's nothing like a blank page waiting to be filled with words. The start of something new. An open road for the mind to muse, reflect, and grow. The scratch of a pen across paper, the click of the keyboard below your fingers. That muscle working to put words in the right spot, to get your meaning across.

I love it.



Words accumulate. Words from this, start mixing with words from that, and you're left with a big pile of mush that wants to escape, with no holes or cracks to ooze out of.

Other times...

Words are there, they are ready to be written, but something holds them back...worries. Worries of seeing the truth. Worries of saying too much. Worries of what one, or many, might think.

Even if most times the words just come, it's those other times that get me.

Right now, there is a little bit of all of it.

He told me I could have time everyday to write, but, the thing is, it's working out so well this way. I'm getting more done. I'm more focused on the things I need to be focused on. He isn't upset with me when he sees me on here...

There is so much I want to say though! I've tried to go off a million different ways on this post... Sigh.

Writing in a journal just isn't the same. I don't get a release, like I do when I write here. It feels like I'm talking to myself, and I do that enough as it is.

I am trying to talk a little more--I think that's because I don't have any other way to get it out. I asked him the other day if he likes me this way (needy and emotional), which got us talking about other things, and I even got my thoughts across without saying something stupid!

I think, with a little more time, I will get better at doing what needs to be done around here, which will open me up to write more. And reply to comments in a more timely matter.

On a side note...I got something in the mail today (grins). The kids were so excited to open the box, you can imagine their disappointment when I told them it was for me. *evil laugh* 


  1. I understand all too well that wordless but all too full of words feeling. And sometimes I lack the emotional energy to sort out my thoughts on paper. Happy yo see you here though:)


  2. And I also understand the worry of what people might think. You know this...ultimately you write for yourself. And you never matter what it is... may just touch that one person in a way you never realized possible.

  3. I understand.....writing a blog is the soemtimes the best and many times the hardest thing to do......
    hugs abby

  4. I so get this Misty! You keep something flowing- that's the best thing to do =]. On a side note- one of my kids saw our magic wand, picked it up and said "Ooo....I like your microphone!". We just laughed!!

  5. I get this too Misty. Sometimes the words just wont come and others, too many lol


  6. We all feel that way, sometimes there's an incredible inspiration and other times not so much. Regardless, you're writing for yourself. That's the only thing that matters. F--- everyone else. If it makes you happy, keep doing it. Oh and enjoy your new toy. Bzzzzzzzzz

  7. Its true writing here gives the release that journaling in a notebook doesnt. Lucky you getting a new toy enjoy.

  8. Everyone, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    Oh, and the toy, it! lol.


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