Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Am His

Something happened around this time. It was a pivotal point.
I couldn't hold the pain of history in its corner of hate. He saw it. And it was bad. I've held that pain for so long. 
It was also the fear that followed the crash. I tried so hard to put the pieces back so he wouldn't see, but they no longer fit. I was in the middle of a storm with no shelter. I had worked so hard to build that shelter...
It felt all wrong. I could feel the wind tangling my hair and the rain hitting my face like tiny needles. The cold reached my bones and thawed my heart. I tried to pull myself away, and tried to hold on. My fingers bled tears when I gave up. 
I felt alive in my misery--a pain you feel only when you're living, really living.
I looked up and he was there. 
I reached for him when I wanted to run away. I held on because I am a survivor and he is my air. I spoke of a fear that has always been and will always be, because I am made from it. 
And something inside me altered. 
I opened up and fell inside him. Everything I was, became what I am, yet I am more.

I am his. 


  1. i get a personal way. Master first told me i was more, and explained it....when i finally let Him was like something changed in me...
    i am His...words i repeat to myself like a mantra when i start to feel lost.
    hugs abby

  2. Wow! I'm so sorry you had to go through the storm but knowing that there is someone there to help you navigate when it gets rough is a beautiful thing. And I think you expressed that perfectly here.

    So glad to see you here!


  3. Misty, beautifully written. Tears came to my eyes. I could feel the tension of the storm, along with the safe haven of His shelter. You are safe. You are His.

  4. Misty I love this for you! A beautiful moment captured BEAUTIFULLY!!

  5. Misty, that was so beautiful. I can't imagine going through the storm but you made it and in the end, something that was terrifying still had an upside. You both made it through. Together. Hugs. K

  6. Wow Misty, I agree, so beautiful.


  7. Thank you, everyone! I'm happy to be on the other side of this, though I still feel open and raw...not sure that's going to go away, maybe it's a feeling you just have to get used to...

    Anyway, life changing moment right here :)


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