Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Night

Of course, Saturday was awesome, however, it's been a few days -words have built up and parts have been forgotten-, so this is all I got...

He tied me up downstairs. He installed a new hook thingamajig on the ceiling.

There I was, a worm on a hook, shiny attractions on my nipples, waiting for my fish to bite...

It was cold, oh-so-cold, but he was nice enough to have a space heater going (that was close enough to burn me...but didn't...I have no clue how I managed that! lol).

He used the cane and the crop. He didn't mind my spinning around, or useless attempts at trying to get away. Well, he might have told me to hold still a couple times...

I remember him walking me back up stairs...

And him fucking me.

And the crop on my sore nipples.

After it was all said and done, I curled up on him, told him I might like the cane a little bit more, and fell asleep. lol.

I know I'm way behind on replying to comments, I will get to them as soon as I can. Please know I appreciate all of you and your thoughts on my posts!!


  1. Chuckling at your comment of being like a worm on a hook.

    What a great evening, ooh im not fond of the crop on already sore nipples...but i am a wimp when it comes to nipples being struck lol

    It is tiring being whacked about isnt it, im usually buzzing straight after, thinking yeah i want more...ten minutes later snoring away..yeah i snore :)


    1. tori, yes! I was flying afterwards and thinking, "Give me more!" Then I was out. lol.

      I snore too...

  2. I also love the analogy worm on a hook.....sounds like what you remember was pretty awesome....and i bet what you do not remember was too.
    hugs abby

    1. abby, I hate that it's all fuzzy, but it was great.

      I wish I would have put more effort into this post (could have done a whole fishing theme or something, lol). Even he said this post could have been better.

  3. Hi Misty, love the worm on a hook comment too. Sounds like a wonderful night and that you made the most of your kid free time :)


    1. Roz, we did make the most of it. It was so nice!

  4. Worm on a hook, how delightful for your fisherman! :)


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