Monday, June 29, 2015


I know I shouldn't be but, I'm blown away by the stupidity I am seeing surrounding the legalization of same sex marriage. 

Honestly, it's pissing me off.

I even went as far as posting my thoughts on Facebook, which I never do. Okay, so it wasn't about my opinion on the law itself, but about what I think defines someones worth and appreciating individuality.

I wanted to put a little love out there, you know?

But now, I want to punch people.


  1. I agree. It reminds me of the intolerance and ignorance when it came to the civil rights movement and desegregation of the blacks. History repeating itself with different players. Try not to get too angry and take care. K

    1. K, exactly! And interracial marriage. And the Holocaust (okay, that was a lot worse, but you get it). The list continues on, unfortunately.

      I'm also sad for the people that don't get it, but I still want to punch them. Lol.

      Thankfully, my Facebook post had good comments and even some shares! Maybe it will help someone...

  2. I wonder if that little sign comes as a bumper sticker. And a poster. And a yard sign. and a sticky note. And...

    A certain someone tells me that it's not nice to punch people. I'm not sold on it yet...

    1. lil, I think it would do some people good! I mean, I'm all for having opinions, but...thinking that will we soon be able to legally marry our dogs and children because same sex marriage is now legal...give me a break!

      A shirt! We need a shirt.


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