Saturday, July 18, 2015

Who Knew?! Apparently, Not Me.

There's all these little changes going on. Or maybe I should say big changes happening in little ways. 

I wear my collar every night...

Well, I'm supposed to wear my collar every night, but I tend to forget if I'm busy or if the kids are up late, which hasn't gone unnoticed--not even once. 

The last time I forgot, I found a hand around my throat and pinching fingers on my clit, reassuring me that I do indeed need to wear it, every night. I felt that pinch the next day, and partially into the second day, when I would wipe after going to the bathroom...

I hate that I forgot but, at the same time, thinking back, it sends tingles throughout my body, in an oh-so-good way.

We also have the issue of dishes. Yes, dishes are an issue for this thirty-three year old. I despise hate dishes. I want them to do themselves--dishes that are self-cleaning and put themselves away should totally be a thing.

Two kids can produce an unreasonable amount dishes, in case you didn't already know.

In the past, a few times, he has made me very aware of his disappointment (FYI, it's much easier to do the dishes when someone is not whacking you with a wooden spoon.). Other times, he would verbally correct me. Unfortunately, none of this had a lasting effect...

Turns out I just needed clarification on what he expected. 

Oh, I'm still not where I need to be, but I'm getting better. At the very least, getting them washed is on my mind more often--it feels good to grumble to myself about it.

These changes, along with some others, have come a piece a time.

I didn't really see it happening that way. I'm not really sure how I saw it happening (maybe more of a "all at once" kind of thing??), however, now that I'm here, I see how it happens gradually, yet at different speeds, with each challenge.

Time and communication once again show their importance. Damn them! Lol. 

*     *     *      *

And, you know, after writing this, I'm starting to think that punishment is more of a thing for us than what I've been thinking...



Holy smokes!! How did I not see that?! 


  1. This is great Misty, those changes can be subtle at first and creep up on you. I have a vanilla collar (necklace) I am to wear every day. I think I only forgot once. He certainly made is feelings about my forgetfulness known to my ass! I'm totally with you on self cleaning dishes!


    1. Roz, it's hard to remember to put it on when our routine changes! Thankfully I haven't forgotten a lot...but more than once for sure. Lol.

  2. I was pulled up on my use of the word I yesterday. I just love that just when you are least expecting it, they remind you :)

  3. Knowing that they notice....and care to let you know how they feel about the 'forgetfulness', is what makes us smile...and want to do least fo rme.
    hugs abby

    1. abby, it's the same for me also. I really like knowing he wants me to get better at it.


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