Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Do You Feel Submissive Now?

Daddy has been showing his concern for my submissive feelings. So sweet of him...

It started in the basement when he tied me up after many days of struggle. He used rope and a hook in the ceiling to keep my hands lifted and behind my back, so they wouldn't get in the way. He beat me for failing to do what few things he asks of me...and because I needed it. The tears were starting to dry when he started playing...

"Do you feel submissive now, whore?" 

Well, yeah! Duh. He didn't have to ask, he knew.

I was tied up in the basement another night, this time with my arms up and spread, my legs spread just the same, making an X shape. He left me there for awhile and came back to whack me with the crop...

"Do you feel submissive now?" 

If duct tape wasn't covering my mouth he would have seen the huge grin form on my face, but all he got was a nod and a mumble that sounded something like, "Yes, Daddy."

He has checked in to verify my feelings after using my ass, and denying me, and playing with my boobs, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Told you--his concern is so sweet. ;)

Kidding aside, his expectations have heightened and my head couldn't be clearer. It is amazing how that works.
I'm scared I will fall back into that hole, and I probably will, but at least I know he is here to pull me out. 


  1. Hurrah.....smiling for you..
    hugs abby

  2. Awesome! I'm so smiling here too :)


  3. Thanks for your smiles, abby and Roz!
    Pearl, it's such a special place :)


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