Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Punishments have definitely increased, in frequency and pain.

He says to put the plug in at 10am everyday, and he means it. No excuses. Don't get me wrong, I can ask to put it in later or not at all, but it's gotta be for a good reason. And if he allows me to put it in later, it would do me good not to forget it all together...
He says to wear thongs everyday (unless I'm on my period), and he means it. No excuses. 
He says to get my chores done before I do anything recreational, and he means it. Absolutely, no excuses (trust me, I've tried to find a way around this for many a day).
He says to call him if I want to spend more than the allotted allowance and, boy, he really means it.

I have a rather large bruise and some marks to prove he means business.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

So, I asked him, "What made you decide to punish me more?"

First off, know that I asked at, what might be, the worst possible time. Not only was his mind elsewhere (on business), but I was feeling kinda emotional. I know to be careful about what I ask when I'm that way...I know I need to take his reply without blowing it up into something else. I know this, but the question came out before I could remind myself of that. Sometimes, I just need to talk!...

He made the change because of me.

Right away, that voice told me, "See, I told you! You're totally mess up and you're forcing him to do something he doesn't want to do."

I could feel my emotions start to boil...

Instead of letting it get to a full boil, I waited to talk to him some more, after his work-day was done.

Yeah, I feel kinda awesome. :)

It turns out, if he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't. He said that some of it takes some getting used to...I think my reaction is what he is mostly concerned about. And making sure he's not going to break my ass. Lol.

I'm thriving.
He wants me to thrive.

Sometime near the end of our conversation, he told me that he would like to see someone else punish me... at that point, my brain turned to mush and I finished cooking dinner. :)


  1. Misty!! How wonderful on all fronts! Good job reigning in your own little fucker =). And someone else punishing.......yum!!

    1. Pearl, it wasn't easy, I had to continually talk myself down. I'm feeling great and all this newness is wonderful!

  2. Oh I know all about asking a question sitting on defensive mode depending on the answer. You should feel VERY awesome for waiting and not getting to a boil! ( of course a bruised bum usually helps me remember to keep it on simmer....okay that apparently is a lie! LOL)

    In all seriousness though I know I attribute the increased punishments with increased awareness on my husbands part. I mean he has to be paying VERY close attention to catch me slip up *wink*. Sounds like you are thriving! Lucky lady!

    1. willie, I was totally thinking about that minefield you were talking about while I was trying not to boil. Lol.

      It makes me feel super special knowing that he's paying attention :).

  3. Hi Misty, I'm smiling reading this. This is awesome! Good on you not letting the 'voices' take over and waiting to talk to him.


  4. Yay!! I am so happy to read this! Big hugs xxx

    1. little girl, as I am happy to read your recent posts, as well!! Hugs back

  5. Oh gosh, it sounds like you have some kind of power exchange going on, maybe even something along the lines of M/s ? *grins*

    I love hearing you happy.

    1. Bleu, you know, I was thinking about that the other day! I was wondering if this is what M/s feels like... It's something I've wanted, not the actions per se but the feeling of it. Whatever is going on, it feels different and I'm so very happy! :)

  6. Well dear, it's been awhile since I've caught up over here on your blog...which, I am so sorry for! But wow.. so much growth and so much amazement in all the posts I have read here today. I'm so proud of you!

    And, I want to thank you, with even though I've been sorely bad at commenting/reading over here at Blogger lately, that you still come around to my blog and offer your wonderful thoughts and input when I so need them most. The comment you left on my last post, so hit the nail on the head with how I am feeling. I'll be responding to your comment there in a bit. For now though, I just wanted to say that so many of your posts made me smile, wiggle and grin while giving you serious thumbs up over here. xxxx

    1. Hi, Brat!!

      Please don't be sorry, there's no reason for it! Of course, it is always nice seeing you here but I completely understand.

      Thank you so much. I do feel we have come pretty far :)


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