Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seriously Awesome, A Chance for Growth

Bleue (private blog) left a link for me in the comments on my last post, and I just now made the time to watch it.

There's no way I could go on without sharing it with you.

Hope you watch it. :)


  1. I love her work! Glad you found it helpful.
    And I am such a ted talks geek---I even have the app on my phone! LOL

    1. She was awesome--the 20 min just flew by. And, boy, was it helpful!

      There's an app?! I will definitely be checking that out.

      Thank you

  2. Bleue and Misty,
    You were so right Misty, I needed to see this. What an awesome lecture! She gave such a wide view on vulnerability. It's not easy, but when you expand your thoughts outside of our little safe and perfect box there is so much more life to be had! Thank you for thinking of me with this my friend. It means a great deal to me. XOXO

    1. Oh so true, Pearl! Sharing information is what I do ;-)

  3. Pearl, I am so glad you got something out of it! I know you would do the same for me :)

    Blue, I sure am glad you do what you do!

  4. Misty -
    Late to this post, but wanted to say Thanks! This was "seriously awesome", TED comes through again.
    Hoping you are well,

    1. Enzo, guess I'm late to the TED party. :) This video did make quite an impression on me, happy to hear you got something out of it as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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