Friday, February 5, 2016

Could be Worse

I'm trying to stick with a once a week post, even though I don't really feel like writing.

It's this foul mood I'm in.

I mean it is taking some serious effort to not kick people. It's not their fault, they haven't changed, it's me.

I'm disappointed in myself and taking it out on others. Thankfully, I see this and I'm keeping all hands and feet where they belong, unfortunately my mouth isn't holding up as well...but it could be worse!

So you already know how I haven't really been all that confident in my ability to do...stuff, right? Well, it just keeps getting worse.

I've lost excitement. Seriously, it's gone.

I do what I can, get through the day, and do it all again the next day. I'm hanging on just fine, it's just...I don't know...whatever.

Anyway, I'm sure with time everything will work itself out.


  1. Can we blame it on winter? Even if this winter hasn't been that bad? I'm sorry I haven't been around ( not that I am any saving grace or anything). I meant to send you an email yesterday actually. I asked if the powers that be could give me more than a couple of days that don't contain some kind of emotional overload! LOL...but not! All of this to say, you're not alone. Seriously. Soooooooooooo let's go back to first point, blaming WINTER!

    1. willie, I don't know why I didn't think of winter, the snow has been on my nerves for weeks now.

      Thanks for thinking about emailing me! The thought really does matter. I also thought about emailing you, know, over-thinking and all. Lol.

      I'm still doing my best to float along, and was working, for the most part...until I went and screwed up (on his birthday).

  2. Aww Misty, I hope the mood shifts soon. Yep, sounds like winter. Maybe I shouldn't mention it's summer here (sorry *ducks*)


    1. Roz, *evil eye*

      Lol. No, I'm kidding! Live summer up, while you've got it. ;)

  3. I feel the same way currently. Winter definitely plays a role. Try to keep yourself busy until the sun is shining and you can enjoy a nice day outside.

    1. Lea, well, I think you have a much better reason to be feeling this way. You're awesome for helping your mom out!

      We did get a little sun yesterday, it was great from inside, lol.

  4. Winter.
    And stupid people.
    But mostly winter… ;-D

    1. Jz, I'm surprised I didn't think of winter. Damn snow.

      But, yeah, people, I'm over them too.


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