Thursday, March 10, 2016

Answers for abby: Limits and Punishments

Keep those questions coming!

The last set of questions comes from abby...

Have the two of you ever discussed hard limits, agreed on some? Have you ever suggested anything new to try....

Is punishment always a spanking...or sometimes being deprived of something or...

Limits... We have talked about doing things and not doing things, but not in great detail. We're not ever going to do anything with feces, animals, or children.
I really don't like the idea of limits, or maybe it's just the word itself that I don't like. It just seems so limiting, you know? :) I like options. The way I see it: when you label something as a limit, especially a hard one, it only takes away from the list of possibilities that make life exciting. That's not to say I'm willing or capable of doing it all, it's just that I like to keep doors open. Who knows, I might hate something today but love it tomorrow.

And yes, I have gave some (specific) suggestions for new things. :) 

Punishment... Nope, it's not always a spanking. 
I don't know if verbal correction can be considered punishment, but it can be really harsh. Sometimes, it's the worst.
When I forget my collar (which isn't often) he won't say anything about it, he also won't touch me or use me.
The other day when I forgot my plug, he crammed his cock down my throat, gagging me over and over in a not-at-all-nice way, until he came on my face. (He'll also do this when I'm not in trouble, but he is a lot nicer about it all.)
He's grounded me from the computer and iPad.
I know there's more, but you get the idea, right?


  1. Thanks, I agree about limits, So many things that I once thought were limits, i now want to repeat...some not so much. I sometimes get the non -spanking some way more effective...
    hugs abby

    1. abby, one reason why I hate to say, "I'd never do that!" is because that would be the thing I end up liking. Lol.

      I can't make up my mind which I prefer or find more effective. I guess they both have a place and time...

  2. I agree with limits too. Fortunately we agree on what we don't think we'd like to try, ie bathroom play. My life and our views have changed so much since starting ttwd I rarely think 'no way in hell' anymore. I think, " not my thing at the moment", but whatever he wants, and generally it is tame in nature, at least for me, is more than fine with me because HE wants it. It took us forever to get to that guilt free stage for him( And truthfully it isn't a stage he stays in long enough)that I wouldn't dream of limiting him. Heck sometimes I have said, " yeah that didn't work for me" and then I never see it again! Later I have thought, well damn! Live and learn.

    Truthfully the non spanking punishments seem to be more effective for me. NOT saying my husband is a gentle man when it comes to punishments of the physical kind. He can be very, VERY thorough. For me the pain doesn't seem to be the deterrent as I said a few posts ago. However, having my chat time with my best friend taken away...eeek! Not too mention there is a sort of 'rush' for lack of a better word, when he gets creative with punishments and doesn't stay with the one trick pony of spanking. LOL


    1. willie, kinda funny that while I was writing this, thinking about my limits, I wondered if I could ever let him stick my head in a toilet. He's never brought it up, but what if he did, what would I say... I can't honestly don't know because it's like you say, you want them to do what they want with no guilt, then again I do NOT want my head in a toilet. Lol. There's just not enough soap!

      Like I was telling abby, I don't know which I find more effective. Both suck! Lol. They both get me mentally. I don't like the pain that comes with spankings and the others are horrible for their own reasons.


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