Thursday, March 3, 2016

Answers for Jz: A Year for Dreams and a Super Me

Jz, had a couple great questions to ponder...

You have one year to magically put everything in your life on hold while you pursue a dream.
What do you do?

What would your superhero name be?
(bonus: describe your outfit)

The first one wasn't so easy at first thought, but then it sunk in that I only had a year, definitely not enough time to go back to school and get a degree or anything like that.

Let's fast forward about six years (hey, if I can magically put life on hold, I can magically fast forward, right?), I would then love to travel with the family. Swim in oceans, climb mountains (not big ones), eat crazy good food and surprisingly bad food, relax by oceans and pools, roast marshmallows, float rivers, play boardgames and do puzzles at night. To have an entire year to experience the world with my family would be the ultimate dream come true.

The second question took me a bit longer. I think to have a superhero name you have to first come up with a superhero power, and I don't picture myself leaping over buildings or smashing through walls to catch bad guys. I could be the super mom, able to breakup fights in a blink of an eye and cook meals with my laser eyes, but I have enough mom-ing in my life.

So... I came up with the name Aletheia (from the Greek Goddess of Truth). I'm able to gaze into the eyes of criminals and extract the truth out of them. No need for interrogation, just let me at 'em, and I'll get the idiots to spill the beans about who killed who, or where they hid the loot, or who's masterminding an epidemic. It kinda goes without saying but, I'd also have to be a fully trained ninja and bulletproof.

I'd wear sunglasses, of course, because I wouldn't want to unleash my power accidentally on the innocent, who deserve their secrets. I think a black coat, about thigh length and a high collar, would do just fine. Black skinny jeans because I wouldn't want anything to block the view of my red stilettos, the star of the show. Obviously, they would have to be the most comfortable pair of stilettos (never) made, 'cause I can't be worried about getting blisters or aching ankles when saving the world.

Thanks, Jz, for the questions, they were fun. :)


  1. Awesome answers, my friend. hugs abby

    1. Thanks, abby! And thanks for being here.

  2. That is a terrific use of a year!
    Nicely chosen.

    And I like those laser-beam-of-truth eyes.
    (We'll have to check with your children to see if this super-power is completely imaginary!)
    Between you and mouse, tho', I think I'm starting to develop a case of "Can't Wear No Stilettos" Blues!

    Thank *you* for the fun answers!

    1. Jz, would it help to know I don't own a pair of stilettos? I just like to dream about how awesome they would look on my feet. :)

  3. How fun! I might need to hire you with those super powers. Amy

    1. Amy, it is fun to dream.

      If my eyes ever work in such a way, I'll get a hold of you. ;)


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