Thursday, May 26, 2016

Master's Turn to Use Me

I had put the plug in and was about to put on my collar, just like I do every night (well, most nights) after the kids are asleep, when he came in and pushed me down on the bed, which is unlike other nights.

*shrugs shoulders* I guess he wanted to mix things up. ;)

Rope was tied around my wrists and ankles and then to the bed, so I was left spread out and my top fully exposed. This was my first time to be tied up like this, without cuffs, and let me tell you, cuffs are much more comfortable than rope. However, being the whore I am, the rope had its benefits too.

Then the nipple clamps went on.

Then he got out the magic wand and put it on my clit.

That's when he left to get the duct tape that would go over my mouth.

Then he got out the big dildo and that went in.

Don't forget, I had the plug in.

So, I was there with rope digging into my skin, spread out, unable to do a damn thing...

And he was doing his thing with all these things... Fucking me with the dildo, pushing the wand on me, pulling on the chain that connects the nipple clamps...

And he fucking wouldn't let me come!

It was excruciating! I wanted to come like five seconds after he put the wand on me, but noooooo.

This was Master at work, not Daddy, and he was having his fun.

It was impossible not to revel in the cruelty I most definitely wanted, which only made it harder to hold it in.

Breathing and relaxing was no longer possible.

I begged and begged. I tried so hard to wiggle this way and that, I even managed to somewhat sit up (he only pushed me back down), to lessen the need. It didn't lessen anything, it only made things worse.

Then, after what seemed like forever, he told me I could come.

I was waiting for a "...but if you do...", when that didn't happen, I asked, "Really?" It's all I could manage to say. Lol.

He assured me that it was the real deal, and I came.

It was if a light shined down on me from above and a single beautiful high note was sung. It was so good and lasted so long, I had tears running down my face.

I came a second time...I need to change the sheets for that one.

Oh, and that wasn't all!

He untied me and sat on my face. He gave me the option of licking his ass or balls...balls it was.

His cock and balls took turns with my mouth, except his cock had the pleasure of gagging me.

He ended up coming and a second time, later that night.

Talk about used up! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Oops, pushed send too soon. Wow, sounds amazing and hot! Sounds like the initial denial was worth it:)


    2. Roz, wow sums it up well. Lol. And it was worth it. :D

  2. What a wonderful time you had so close but not allowed. He pushed the right buttons to be plugged and have a vibe on you then allowed you to cum not once but twice. I wish Mistress would do that to me. I'd love to have my butt plug in while she used the magic wand on my cock and not allow me to cum until she desires it.

    1. Hello, archedone!

      I'm used to coming, a lot, so this is all so new. I really like it though! The night was like...going swimming in a pool of dominance. Lol. I just melted into him.

  3. Wow what sexy dominant goodness :D

  4. OH that sounds exciting. my bed isn't good for rope-tying of any kind, so there's a little envy right there. AND i want a wand! sigh. Daddy did say he'd buy me one as a gift. So as an aside, I need to ask - have you tried the wireless? and would you know how that compares to the original (with wires)?

    and any info on the wand (and advice) would be welcome!

    1. Fondles, I don't have a wireless so I'm really not sure. The main reason why I didn't want wireless is that batteries die and they never die at the right time. Sure, you do have to be near an outlet, but you can always get an extension cord if need be.

      I'm not sure what info you need/want but...
      The one I have is a Magic Wand, which, from the research I've done, replaced the Hitachi. It has two settings, low and high. Low is high, and could possibly power a rocket to go to the moon. Lol. I've read that some people buy a light dimmer, you plug the wand to the dimmer and the dimmer to the outlet, and you can use that to lower it even more. If you plan on using it for long amounts of time, you should probably know that it can hurt. I'm not sure how it is for others (or if it hurts others) but, for me, it's like when your foot falls asleep and it feels like you have a thousand needles poking you. Having underwear on helps, as does taking breaks. It is loud compared to my other vibrators. It's awesome, I think it ruined me for all other vibrators. :)

  5. Wow!Hot read! Love how you describe it all.........


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