Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Wanna Be Sedated

Post title from the Ramones.

Well, this is our last day. We had so much fun!

We went to Brookgreen Gardens where we saw butterflies and moths...

 And trees...
Oh! The trees! They were so beautiful!
We also took a boat ride and learned a little about the lives that formed these lands. (The kiddo's couldn't get enough of that. lol)

We also took a trip to the aquarium... 

And, of course, there was plenty of this...

It was also wonderful talking with my grandmother and seeing the girls with her--it was heartwarming, for sure.

Nonetheless, I need to be home, in his arms, right now!

Twelve hours, just gotta make it twelve more hours.


  1. Sounds like lots of wonderful memories were made...the mark of a great vacation. But it is always good to be back home...where you belong.
    hugs abby

  2. lovely trip, with plenty of memories. It's good you miss him too, because then you know where you belong.

  3. Hi Misty, the pics are absolutely stunning. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time and making some precious memories. Sounds like a fantastic trip. Hang in there. Home is where the heart is though, and you will be back there soon.


  4. Such lovely pictures! I'm sure you're making awesome memories, and it'll be soon before you're home in His arms :) hang in there!

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Our last plane was delayed two hours, which put us home about 4 am, but we made it! :)


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