Sunday, June 5, 2016

Two Days Left, Two Sides to the Coin

Packing preparations are beginning. I'm so excited, the girls are excited, but I don't wanna go!

I made an effort to relax yesterday, in between a couple chores--I know good and well the work I'm about to put in. I also had a feeling that he would want to play...

He took me downstairs. You all know how I love that, right? It means I get to be tied up, used, and I can be louder. Win/win/win.

I couldn't let go. Oh, I tried. He tried. I just...couldn't get into it. 

My head is too full of lists, and the multitude of emotions this trip has brought on.

I was tied up, arms spread overhead, and you know what came out of my mouth?

"You're sunburnt."

Perfect conversation for the moment, huh?

Needless to say, things didn't go as he planned. In the end, it all worked out, so I didn't fail, completely.

I'm so over this trip.

But, I can't wait to feel the sand between my toes.


  1. Oh I know the feeling. If my mind is full, sometimes it is very difficult to let go. Also there could be a tiny bit of fear associated with it too. (or not). I know when I am going to go away, or if the kids are going to be around for a LONG period of time, I my head is full and my heart is heavy ( okay that sounds like I don't like my kids..LOL) because our connection *could* change for a bit.

    Look at it this way, the best part of going away? Coming home! There is something so incredibly wonderful coming home while living in a D/s relationship. Not that there wasn't before, but now!!!

    Enjoy your trip!

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  3. I'm with Wilma Rubble, Coming home is always a host of coming... :)

    peace and love

  4. Hi Misty, sorry I am late in commenting. I can relate to the mind being too full to be able to let go too. I hope you are having a wonderful time, and think about the reunion you will have :)


  5. WHen i was on holiday for a week i was homesick for the first couple of days. like almost depressed. and i wanted to be home. But it got better and i could eventually enjoy the holiday and reported back to him on everything.i hope you're finding a way to keep connected despite being busy with the kids and visiting.. and yes, coming home will be awesome!


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