Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Must. Stay. Rational.

I want more structure. I want to be held accountable for my actions. And I don't want to feel bad about that.

It feels like I'm walking around in circles, trying to do this and that, and ending up exactly where I was in the beginning, all that work for nothing.

This is not a stab at what he is not doing. Please, please, please see that.

His want trumps my want in so many ways--he didn't put that in place, it's the way I want it. No matter what I want, no matter how bad I want it, if he doesn't want it...I don't want him to change. I mean that.

I own the fact that I don't always have the best reaction to his requests, but I always have the best intention. My actions don't always reflect what's happening inside and I'm working on that. It would probably be easier for him if I was a bit more pleasing about it all.

We had twelve years to develop another way of living, so of course it is going to take time to get to something else.



I'm slipping into irrational territory.

I'm starting to worry that this isn't important to him. It touches a place from my childhood... "Am I not worth the effort?"

That's not fair to him, because he is putting forth effort. Lots of it. Which makes me feel like I'm too much work and I don't want to put more on his shoulders.


I need to stop beating myself up because I want more.

I want more, there is nothing wrong with that.
We are working on it.
We are doing this.
He wants this too.

I just gotta keep my cool.

Easier said than done.


  1. I get it. I know many, many of us have been there. That is the odd thing with ttwd, and perhaps a scary thing for them, it can appear that we are never satisfied. It isn't that, it is the growth. We grow, and what once was a challenge, becomes second nature...essentially upping the ante. It sucks actually. I mean think of where you were last year, bet last year's Misty would have been over the moon for this year's Misty! LOL.

    I know it isn't helpful, but honestly if I said, 'breathe, be patient...give him time" admit it, you'd want to kick me in the shin. So you get... I GET IT....and maybe try to be more open with what is actually in the inside. Not that second, but within 24 hours.


    1. willie, you're right, I would have been thrilled. Last year wasn't easy.

      And it does suck. Will I ever be sated?!!!

      I might want to kick you, just a little. Lol!

      We might have slowed down in ways, but he is doing more in other's just fear, I think. Fear that I'm too much.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Misty. (default apology again for posting comments without having a full grasp of the situation)

    The inner-most pangs of the heart are rarely rational, especially when they stem from emotional damage from youth. I'm still slowly gathering information on the dynamics you have going on, but it seems that your desires are currently beyond his.

    One trick that I have found to combat the conflict you have going on is to come up with ideas/reasons for how your needs/desires overlap with what will benefit him. If you can come up with a good set of ideas it makes communicating that much easier. If you can't come up with a good set of ideas then it can often ease the emotional turmoil of not having them. In any case the task can serve as a distraction from the current set of feelings while still channeling the parts of you that you wish to reach.

    Take care.

    1. Fur, it is an inner battle. I know what reality is (most of the time), but then all that history comes back to tell me I'm wrong and it isn't real.

      I will give your idea a try!

      Thank you.

  3. Submissives are hard work, we need control but that's ok because Dominants need control too. You don't need to worry your being a pain because he wants the control.
    I've sent you a email :)

    1. Thank you, Daisy.

      Sometimes it just doesn't feel okay. I mean, I know it is, but...

  4. You caught yourself.
    So you didn't actually slip.
    And when you've lost your cool, he has been right there to set you right.

    1. Bleue, I'm still holding on as tight as I can...

  5. God, I could have written this. I think we all go through it. Hang in there. One day at a time!

    1. Lea, thank you. It's nice to know others have been here. I just feel like I'm here more often than not, it's exhausting.

  6. I just found your blog today and thought I'd say hi.

    This post REALLY resonates with me. I SO get the wanting more, I get the being irrational, and I also get not wanting to put more on him. So how do YOU "just keep your cool"? I could sure use some pointers in that department lol

    1. Hello, His slut. Glad you found my blog, I love seeing new people around here. :)

      I'm still finding my way through this, however I did receive some invaluable advice recently from fur sissy (you'll find him ^up there) which I will pass along to you.

      In addition to the advice he left in his comment, you can also try kneeling (or whatever uncomfortable pose works for you), think of three things you can do for him and put them into action. If you're still not feeling better, do it again. I have found this to be SUPER helpful, even when I'm in a good place.

      The key is to put your mind on something positive and keep it there.

      Best of luck!

      P.S. I see that you have a blog of your own, I will follow you. :)

    2. Hello there. The tips that I gave Misty were about trying to self-induce a subspace to help feed the craving.

      If you have a favorite "pose" that you use as a ritual or a piece if ornamental jewelry etc. Focusing on those can help open the mind to that state.

      Channeling the desperation into a beneficial action also helps a lot once you are in that state. Misty mentioned the easiest of them which is to come up with ways to make them happy, often just some small actions or gestures you can perform. This is a way of taking the negative energy (unmet desire to serve or something similar) and turn it into somehhing beneficial.

      It doesnt always work but it can help with cravings.

    3. Also I generally accept that the cravings cannot be squashed. They are better off being fed in a beneficial way :)

    4. I'm so glad you chimed in, fur!! Thank you. :)

  7. I have just found your blog :) And I do not usually reply, because I feel it unfair to be let into everyone else's sub space, but Sir will not allow mine to be public.

    When I get like this I answer questions. I have more if you like :)

    Hope you feel better soon


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  8. It wouldn't let me publish all 30 :)

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    1. Jess, feel free to invade my space! :) I LOVE comments, no matter who they come from.

      I have another blog, that is slowing dying (when it hasn't even begun), I might answer these questions there...or maybe I'll split them up between here and there... either way, thank you so much!

      You can find my other blog here


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